The Global Parliamentarians Forum for Evaluation

We are a collaborative movement of international parliamentarians, committed to improving policy outcomes and social accountability, that advocates for evidence-based decision making. We know that evaluation can enable governments and parliaments to efficiently and effectively address national interests. We encourage policy makers and evaluation professionals to work together to build evaluation capacities around the world. Our goal is to create enabling environments for nationally owned, transparent, systematic and standardised evaluation processes. Through capacity building, knowledge sharing and advocacy, the Global Parliamentarians Forum for Evaluation supports and empowers parliamentarians to deliver evidence-based policy that helps achieve good governance, sustainable development and social equity.
Message from Chair, Hon. Kabir Hashim

Message from Chair, Hon. Kabir Hashim

We launched the South Asian Parliamentarians Forum with only three parliamentarians. They were from Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.  The initiative thus started has blossomed into a Global Parliamentarians Forum (GPFE) with representation from over 50 countries.  Today over 300 parliamentarians from all corners of the globe have come together as members demonstrating their commitment […]

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee comprise of parliamentarian representatives from South Asia, East Asia and Pacific, Eurasia, MENA, Africa, Europe, Latin America and the secretariat members. North America, Australasia and Francophone countries will also represent in future. The Global Parliamentarians Forum is also be supported by an International Sta...


36th SLEvA/APEA Webinar
Register now for the 36th SLEvA/APEA Webinar on “The Evaluation of Energy Programs & Policies: Strengthen the Value of Evaluation in Asia Pacific Region” sch...
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OECD/DAC Criteria Brochure on “Efficiency”
OECD/DAC Criteria Brochure on “Efficiency” Available Now for Parliamentarians. Read the brochure.
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IDEAS Conference 2022!
The round table on ‘Power of Evaluation in the Context of Parliaments’ which is organized by APEA, GPFE & APPFE will be held on27th September at 8.30 PM ...
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